At Cooke and Sons we are able to offer all aspects of conservation and restoration of paintings in a variety of media. We have a wealth of experience of paintings in oil, tempera and acrylic, and on a variety of supports: canvas, panel (wood and metal), card and paper.




Typically a client might ask that a picture be surface cleaned, the varnish removed (together with any old discoloured retouchings), tears joined or surface deformations treated, before the painting is carefully retouched and revarnished. We might also be asked to treat flaking paint, and splits to wood panels.




We give firm quotes to our clients, together with a clear estimate of how long the work will take. The security of our premises has been inspected and approved by experts acting for the insurers of our major clients.



With our experienced and comparatively large team, Cooke and Sons is able to innovate and develop many new techniques for dealing with the broad and ever-changing problems encountered in twenty-first century conservation, as well as refining and perfecting traditional ones.


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