There are five full-time conservator restorers at Cooke and Sons.


Philip Robinson  Philip has over 50 years’ experience as a restorer. He has lectured on conservation and holds fellowships of both the IIC (International Institute for the Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works) and BAPCR (the British Association of Paintings Conservator-Restorers). From time to time Philip has served on the Council of the BAPCR, and has been its Chair several times.

Michael Robinson Michael is also a Fellow of the IIC and BAPCR. He has lectured at the Courtauld Institute, the former SSCR and the BAPCR, and has written articles for the BAPCR journal. Michael is our modern paintings specialist. He has been with Cooke and Sons since 1981.

Simon Padfield Simon is a Fellow of BAPCR , and has an MA in the Conservation of Paintings. He was founding editor of The Picture Restorer, the journal of the BAPCR, from its inception in 1992 until 2008. Like Philip, Simon has served on the Council of the BAPCR . He joined Cooke and Sons in 1990.

Luke Williams Luke is our newest member of staff, and specializes in the cleaning and restoration of all types of oil paintings.

With such an experienced and comparatively large team, Cooke and Sons is able to innovate and develop many new techniques for dealing with the broad and ever-changing problems encountered in twenty-first century paintings conservation, as well as refining and perfecting traditional ones.

The IIC is the international body for conservators of all disciplines, and exists to promote the knowledge, methods and working standards needed to protect and preserve historic and artistic works throughout the world. Fellows are elected from long-standing members by ballot, by other Fellows. The BAPCR is the professional body for practising paintings conservators, based in the UK, and administers an accreditation system, Fellowship, which is awarded following an examination of a candidate’s work by other Fellows.

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